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A Guide on How to Dine out Healthily

People love eating away from home, as revealed by statistics which show that the average adult eats roughly 24% of his/her meals at restaurants. While restaurant food is meant to be fantastic in terms of smell, taste and how it looks, it may lack in nutrition as it is quite common to see main dishes full of salads with creamy dressings, drenched in rich sauces and containing just a few fruits, vegetables and whole grains. While this may be a cause for concern to some people, the good news is that they can still eat out in a healthy manner. Below is a guide on how to enjoy healthy dining at restaurants.

Healthful foods can be found literally anywhere these days. Nowadays, people that enjoy dining out should practice due diligence before visiting any restaurant and getting tempted by menu descriptions. In this day and age, restaurants provide online menus, some even revealing nutritional information about the food they serve. Therefore, eaters can select a destination with healthy options, and go into the eatery already decided on the best meal for them, and any substitutes if necessary.

Even though this negates popular opinion, avoid splitting your plate. You have probably been advised before to order half portions or share meals with friends. However, considering the very generous portion sizes served at some restaurants, half portions may still be too much. In preparation for this, practice visualising how a normal plate at home would look like, and try to replicate this in the restaurant meal. The meal you order should be balanced by including healthy selections from different food groups e.g. whole grains, vegetables, low-fat dairy and lean protein foods. Also, you could ask for freshly made entr?e salads which provide a good balance in a bowl. A good example is entr?e salads with grilled or baked chicken, seafood or beans to provide protein as well as dietary fibre and other nutrients. To regulate portion sizes, ask for dressing on the side. Your meal can be rounded out by ordering healthy side dishes like fruit, baked potato or side salad.

Never shy away from asking your server to healthy up your meal. For example, you could order a salad instead of the usual fries with a meal. You could also request for items to be prepared with less cheese or oil, request the server to serve salad with dressing on the side and take away the breadbasket. Ordering off menu is also another option you could pursue.
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