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How to Choose the right Bible Believing Church to Join

Finding the right church to join may not seem like a big deal until you start window shopping for one, and you realize it is a herculean task. Why? Because you want to find the perfect fit for your needs that will meet your spiritual needs perfectly. You also want that perfect fit that will give you the ideal community of brothers and sisters that will be there for you through thick and thin as you help spread the Gospel of Jesus. Joining a church, therefore, doesn’t necessarily mean attending regular meetings once or twice a week. It also doesn’t mean getting your name on that membership roll.

It means committing to a covenantal relationship with brothers and sisters who become your family with whom you can share the life and times of Christ and in Christ together. That is how significant finding a bible believing church a deal is. Here are some of the right questions to ask yourself before joining any congregation and start following blindly. While the following list of questions is not exhaustive when it comes to questions to ask when looking for a church to join. No doubt, it will create an important decision-making framework.

What does the church believe? Just the thought of joining a church that doesn’t preach, teach, and love Christ are absurd, right? There is a lot at stake in such a case scenario. However, it is important to mention that different churches have varying doctrinal beliefs; hence you should make the perfect judgment when you are fully aware of what the gospel is all about. For instance, many people believe the gospel is all about being saved from hell and sin, and no doubt, there are very many churches that preach only this gospel. However, the perfect church to join is one that emphasizes the A-to-Z of Christian life. As such, you should find a church whose gospel is preached, sung, prayed, taught, celebrated, lived, loved, and applied in its entirety throughout the year.

How do the members of that church behave? This is yet another very crucial question related to the first one and has a clear definition of the nature of the church. In a nutshell, this explains the church shouldn’t be a physical building that you just enter, and that is it. If anything, there are so many of those in the world today. The church should also not be just a meeting that you attend because you can bet you will be spoilt for choice as there are so many of these in the world today. A church should be much more than this. It should be a covenant community explicitly built for the Gospel and by the Gospel. It should be a light that allows Christ to shine and, as a result, bring hope, life, and peace to the world. A church should be the believers of Christ as they perpetually meet with the sole purpose of making Christ known in both the word and in life.

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