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Benefits of Using Biofuels

Biofuels means that the fuel that is extracted from plants and crops. Biofuels can be used both domestic and industrial even in vehicles when blended with gasoline. When biofuel is mixed with some other substances such as low-sulfur heating oil, the combustion of biofuel reduces the remittance of greenhouse gas. Since biofuel is plant-based renewable energy, it can be grown from anywhere and has lower carbon emissions as compared to what we call fossils fuels. Most countries are advising their citizens to reduce the dependence on crude oil fuels which are becoming costly and go for biofuels which are cheap and also environmental friendly. Discussed below are some of the benefits of using biofuels.

Biofuels are considered a cheap source of energy as compared to other sources. The cost-benefit that comes along with using biofuels is more than that of the use of gasoline fuels. Biofuels are considered cleaner fuels that produce fewer emissions on burning which does not pollute the environment. Besides producing fewer emissions, biofuel is known to be adaptable to different engine designs and keeps most engines running for long hours. The maintenance costs of biofuels associated engines are low as compared to those using gasoline fuels.

While biofuels are a renewable source of energy, gasoline fuels are nor renewable. This means that the use of biofuels has a continuous lifespan, unlike gasoline which is refined from crude oil which is not renewable. As more people are using gasoline as a source of energy, shortly crude oil will deplete while biofuels from crops and plants will still be there. Crude oil has a limited lifespan this means the production of gasoline could be limited when it reaches that level of depletion. Biofuels come form pants and crops which can be replanted whenever they are required, crude oil is natural and can not be triggered to exist.

The use of biofuels reduces global warming. While the burning of crude oil-related energy sources results in the release of carbon dioxide into the air to increase the global warming status, the use of biofuels will reduce the effects of carbon dioxide emissions in the air. The use of biofuels has a great impact on reducing greenhouse gases which its what world leaders are fighting to achieve by 2030. Biofuels energy sources are environmentally friendly because it doesn’t contribute to global warming menace.

The use of biofuels in different countries is encouraged because it is not every country that has large reservoirs of crude oil as a natural resource. Most countries suffer economically because they have to import crude oil into their nations, this can be avoided by these countries embracing the use of biofuels which reduces the high dependency for crude oil as the only source of energy. When a country decides to produce their energy from biofuels, it reduces the dependency on crude oil imports from foreign markets. This, in turn, will promote the integrity of the country to ensure they can be termed as self-sufficient.

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