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How Super Bowl Pools are Played

Some people are fans of football. Some people also are followers of the NFL. If you are ever working in an office, you probably have already heard about super bowl pools or football pools.

Football pools use squares that are usually in a grid of 10 by 10. This is actually an easy way in getting groups of people in betting on a football game through the use of random assignments of numbers to names in order to find out who actually is the winner of the pot every quarter.

Compared to other types of sports betting, there’s no need for you to be an economist or perhaps having to do calculations on the odds of knowing anything about the teams to win. It is simply a luck-based system and is in fact made to make it more interesting and fun, with real money at stake.

The football squares or known in other terms as a football pool or a football box is a way on how you could place bets for a group of people by using the basic X and Y-axis. Players will need to enter their names into many squares as they want to buy into.

Each square will be representing a score. At the end of every quarter, the person who is on the square that corresponds to the score at that time is given the share for the prize of the money. When playing a super bowl pool, the winner for every quarter of the game will be given a quarter for the money placed on the pool.

When the squares game that you enter assigns the squares randomly, there’s actually not much strategy needed beyond buying the number of squares that you are actually allowed and hope for the best. Also, the strategy comes when bettors are allowed in choosing their very own squares even when they are allowed for just one choice with the rest of it left to chance.

If bettors are actually allowed in choosing their own numbers, people who have the know-how are truly in luck. Take note that super bowl parties are usually studded with total betting amateurs and with no understanding about the game.

When you are ever playing for several dollars per square game and prizes are of hundreds of dollars, it actually does not make sense of not joining in and inputting your knowledge on sports to use.

The grid that is used in setting up squares game actually looks complicated but this in fact is simple to grasp after you get the hang of it. The pool would essentially payout every quarter based on the last digit of the score for every team.

You could in fact limit the number of squares that are available for every participant until all of the players have a chance in buying squares. You also could sell the extra squares to the players who wanted to play more squares in order to increase their chance of winning.

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