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There is a need for people to consider having a better understanding of the Bible. Especially for the Adventists, the bible is not a new thing specifically concerning the end-time events and the second coming of Jesus. To these Adventists, they have always had a great interest especially in the biblical book of Daniel. An understanding of certain languages like Aramaic and Hebrew that have been used in the book of Daniel and also the structure of the passage are some of the important aspects to understanding the history that we get to find ourselves within. Over the years of bible study with various bible students, people have come to see the closing prophecy of Daniel and it is not just a passage for the believers to know when Jesus will come back in the second coming but to act as the map for people to get a better understanding of their relationship to the said second coming. In some instances, it might be complex to understand the Bible. Which therefore needs one to have God’s revelation so that he or she can have an inner understanding of the bible. Some of the things that we get to read in the bible make us things are just the way they are more lightly. But the reality of it is that it has a deeper meaning thus there is a need for one to elaborate more about it more simply. And that is the reason why we have pastors to elaborate more about a certain verse. In that case, people need to seek God’s revelation whenever reading the Bible so that they can have a better understanding. It is not all about what happened, but what lesson it gets to bring.

Just like the book of Daniel twelve, it does not serve as the predictor to when Jesus Christ will come back but it acts as the road map for God’s last day generation in which they need to do what is right. Which therefore implies things are not just the way they are said, but they have a deeper meaning which we need to relate and get to understand them. Like most of the happenings written in the bible, some are meant for people to get to relate certain experiences in life. In which these lessons teach us how to behave and act as true Christians. It is sometimes difficult to be a true Christian but it through believes, having faith and hope that makes people stand strong as Christians. And it is in such situations that we need to seek revelation. Your Christianity can get to be swayed in a way that it is difficult for you to avoid. But if you are indeed firm in Christianity, that is the shield. Some things happen so that they get to test one’s faith. Hence it is important to be strong. For that case, there is a need for people to consider reading the bible and be calm to get a better understanding and not taking things just the way they are.

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