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Why You Should Prefer The All On 4 Dental Procedures

You may lose some teeth as a result of an injury in your mouth or when you are approaching the old age. This is when you will require to have your smile back by having temporary teeth. The best way is all on 4 dental implants. There is as well a traditional method, but all on 4 is more preferred to the traditional method. You will have some of the benefits below when you use the all on 4 implants compared to other methods. The level of preparation required during this method is very less making it more better. This is like preparation of the bone by grafting so that the surface for the implant is available.

In the all on 4 methods, there is very less bone tissue replacement as it can be done without the need for bone grafting. There is more bone grafting is the traditional way and thus this way can be said to be better. Secondly, the all on 4 methods is better as you will only have to use four posts to support the dental implant. The traditional method uses 8 posts and thus the all on 4 is better for you will require less. The good thing about the posts is that they are used in a very strategic way so that they can give enough firmness to the whole dental implant.

Two posts are placed on a 45 degrees way so that they can increase the contact with the jaw bone for more firmness. The more the bone contact, the more firm is the dental implant. You can, therefore, tell that it is a better method for the dental implants. Another benefit that you will gain is that the outcome will show within a more less time than when you are using the traditional means.

Using this procedure, you can get a good smile of natural-looking teeth implants within a day. Another major benefit as to why you should prefer to use the all on 4 methods is that you will probably beak faster as when you use the traditional method. This makes it more good as you will have your smile back faster and fell lore comfortable with implants that look just like the natural teeth.

Finally, you will enjoy the merit of spending less when you choose the all on 4 methods compared to using the conventional means. It is made better by the fact that you spend less money to get the implants which have a natural look, and thus you should choose this to other means. You can not say that their is better option that this when you have all these benefits to gain.

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