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How to Get Experienced and Committed Transcriptionist

Transcription is the art of taking audios or videos recordings and converting them to written words. When any information is in written form, it is quite safe because it can’t be stolen or decrease in value also the information doesn’t get worn out because it is digitally written, this ensures that whenever a document is needed in urgency, it is easily traced. In instances where people have to meet for meetings or official events and require any information, getting it becomes easier because all they need to do is input keywords in search engines and the information required is retrieved.

Listening to audios or videos can consume much time compared to going through a written document, this is also cumbersome and not reliable because; when an individual needs to go to certain areas to retrieve a certain information they have to keep on listening to the videos and audios all over again so as to get to the areas they want. Transcriptions are used in nearly every field, professionals such as doctors, lecturers, radio and television presenters, religious leaders and business leaders require certified written copies of the spoken events attended for references. When audios and videos are in written form, quoting them becomes much easier, when information is in written form, briefing people in meetings and events becomes easier because an individual is able to communicate effectively, all one needs is to direct people on what page to go to and therefore the meeting or the event turns out to be a success because all in attendance are able to communicate with ease and in unison. Transcriptions make it easy for people who perhaps weren’t in meetings or events to understand what transpired; this is because when one goes through a written document, they are able to understand what is written much easier compared to listening to tapes and videos.

Improvement in technology has made it easier for people to write about thought, feelings and ideas because of digital recorders therefore, an individual doesn’t have to worry about typing, typesetting, and editing. Documents like novels and essays are easy to read when they are in written forms. Like any other profession, transcription writing requires proper tools for the better final outcome, an individual willing to do transcription writing requires noise-canceling headphones, keyboard and mouse, large – screen monitor, comfortable chairs and desks, high-speed internet connection and professional software. For editors and typists, high-level skills are required therefore, going for training is important so as to ensure that whatever they do will be good work. For those that write medical transcripts, having a piece of background knowledge on terms used in the medical field is mandatory for them to be certified.

For any individual to be good in transcription writing, having training and following the industry set rules and regulations ensures that they become experts. Listening carefully to audio and video recordings ensure that one gets the right information and write exactly what is in the video or audio because transcription writing is not just about typing alone.

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