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Benefits of Purchasing Lithium RV Batteries

Summer holidays should always accompany that big family adventure to enjoy the warm weather. It is crucial that you take into consideration what powers these adventures. Lead-acid cells are undoubtedly dominant in the market but recent years have seen many people shift to the better alternative that is lithium RV batteries. The simple reason behind this is that they offer more benefits and are superior to their traditional counterparts by miles. The reasons you should consider replacing your lead-acid RV battery for a lithium one are numerous. Here is a rundown of some of these advantages.

The foremost advantage is that they are more secure to run contrasted with lead-acid batteries for your RV. During these adventures with your family and friends, your RV is both your home and car hence making safety a vital aspect to consider. Lithium RV batteries are manufactured with safety features which are absent in lead-acid batteries. When the battery gets overheated while running, it will consequently shut down. This goes a long way in averting battery explosions common with the traditional lead-acid RV batteries.

Unlike lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries will enable you to tap their full capacity making them highly efficient. This translated to more hours of power during your dry camping experience. When it comes to powering your home on the road, lithium RV batteries are excellent as they produce sustainable voltages. It is also worth mentioning that lithium RV batteries are way lighter than lead-acid batteries. It is only reasonable to cut down on the already heavy weight of the RV by using a lighter lithium battery. Lead-acid batteries are twice as heavy as their modern lithium equivalents.

Lithium RV batteries have longer lifespans than traditional lead-acid batteries. They are capable of lasting an entire decade compared to the lead-acid type, which may require replacement every now and then. Studies have shown that lithium RV batteries have ten times as much lifespan as lead-acid batteries. This is additionally combined with the point that they need negligible upkeep. This is quite the opposite for lead-acid batteries which require periodic maintenance.

Another advantage over the lead-acid batteries is that lithium batteries are quite environmentally friendly. You can always have fun while caring for the ecosystem with lithium RV batteries. This is achieved by decreased carbon dioxide discharges and ecofriendly disposal. They can likewise be recycled, and a dominant percentage are fabricated from reused materials.

Now that you are in the know go out there and get a lithium RV battery to power your summer adventure in style.

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