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How to Get a Home Inspection Before You Buy a Home
Home inspections are a great way to find out what is wrong with a property. Not only can they save you from spending time and money fixing defects, but they can also help you sell your home faster. If you are buying a home that you are not sure about, consider hiring a professional home inspector.

Before you hire an inspector, find out what the price range is for home inspections in your area. Some companies charge a flat fee of $300, while others charge a lot more. It is best to get references and read reviews from other clients. It is also helpful to ask for a sample inspection report. The inspection report will tell you what’s included in the price of the inspection.

A home inspection report will include a detailed description of major features of a home. Any defects that the inspector finds will be noted in the report, and a good inspector will also walk you through the findings and discuss potential solutions. The report can be a handy guide for the new owner, and it will include recommendations and a maintenance schedule.

Home inspectors are required to obtain the appropriate license to practice home inspection. The state has a licensing board for inspectors, and home inspectors must complete 24 hours of continuing education each year to remain licensed. In addition to meeting state licensing requirements, home inspectors are also required to renew their license every two years. When renewing their license, they must pay a fee to the Department of State, which can be done with a check, money order, or MasterCard or Visa. In the case of a check, a $20 fee will be added to the check. The deadline for renewing your license is 90 days before its expiration date.

The timing of a home inspection is important. It should be scheduled right after an accepted offer and before the closing date. Failure to do so can lead to additional problems, which can be very costly and dangerous. Furthermore, it may require the buyer to redraft the sales contract. When the home inspection takes place prior to the contract, the buyer can still ask questions and learn more about their new home.

When you’re buying a house, it’s important to hire a professional home inspector to evaluate the structure and system of the home. A qualified home inspector will be able to identify any major flaws and give you recommendations for improvements. This will save you from wasting thousands of dollars on repairs and avoid buying a house that will become a money pit.

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