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Important Facts about the Symptoms and Treat of OCD

Everybody including infants have got anxious thoughts at certain times. Infant are often anxious about being left unattended to or being left behind by relations who mean the world to them. Other people are anxious about dark spaces, financial security, relationships and many other uncertainties about the future. Many times, these anxiety triggers may be considered as normal life challenges and processes. However, the anxious thoughts may cause the affected person to respond in a manner that is beyond the acceptable human response behavior. People who suffer from extreme anxiety are said to be obsessive. The response to their anxious thoughts may also cause those individuals to react in an odd manner which is often said to be compulsive behavior. The peculiar response and action taken by such individuals to anxiety is referred to as obsessive compulsive disorder – OCD.

Persons affected by OCD are unable to tolerate uncertainties about a particular depressive situation that affects them. A case in point is a person who is obsessed with cleanliness and orderliness. Such an individual may not be satisfied with washing their hand before taking a meal or when they feel the hand are dirty. Instead, they would want to keep washing their hands repeatedly up to ten times. Such people may avoid dirt triggers and go as far as refusing to shake people’s hands. Others may want items in the office or their house to be arranged in a precise manner and facing a specific direction. People suffering from the OCD syndrome may feel the need to walk up several times in one night to check that the doors and windows of their house are securely looked or the alarm system is working. These obsessions bothers them on a daily basis and may affect their ability to function normally on a daily basis. This disorder is severe in some patients and they may portray violent behavior and response. People who suffer from OCD are not perfectionist but obsessive.

The physicians are not sure what causes OCD. However, some of the patients who suffer from these disorder have a history of past physically or sexual abuse. In addition, some have experienced great trauma, suffered from depression or mental disorder. The symptoms of OCD range from mild to severe. Physicians therefore use different approaches in treating the OCD disorder. It is worth noting that the OCD disorder cannot be fully eliminated even through medication but it can be controlled. One of the ways to control this disorder is to get the patient to relax. This can be done through yoga lessons or through body massage. There are also several psychiatric medications which can be used to lower the effects of the OCD disorder. Another effective treatment of the disorder is through psychotherapy and counselling treatment. Counselling session help the patient to reduce anxiety and depression which is one of the major triggers of the disorder. The patient can also be trained how to identify triggers and to put them under control.

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