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Fractional Yacht Ownership and How It Works

The concept of fractional yacht ownership has revolutionized the industry over the past few years, enabling yacht aficionados to co-own boats for a much lower price than they would pay for full ownership. Everything, from admin to technical maintenance, is taken care of by external agencies, which means convenience for the fractional owner. And since they do not own the yacht the entire year, their costs are substantially less.

The Vessels

Yachts can come in all shapes and sizes, as well as amenities. These boats can be berthed at a whole range of ports all over the world, although they would be usually found in Dubai, the Seychelles or the Mediterranean.

Better Value

Traditional yacht owners, usually extremely wealthy and busy people, often get to spend only a little time enjoying their vessels. That means the cost per use of a fully-owned yacht can be through the roof. With fractional yacht ownership, this cost can be reduced according to only how much time you actually spend on the boat. Which means that because of the reduced cost, you can get a yacht that’s thrice the the size of what you would typically get for that amount of money.

Year-Round Servicing

In most cases, fractional boat ownership packages also come with year-round servicing, where the agencies will do all the work to make sure your yacht experience is purely for pleasure. From berthing to maintenance to cleaning and all, they will take care of everything, further reducing your costs by eliminating expenses associated with traditional yacht ownership.


Fractional yacht agencies generally use a special online reservation system that makes sure allocations across summer seasons, winter seasons and off-seasons are well-distributed. The idea is to reduce potential conflicts by combining co-owners from different countries and age groups, and with varied interests. This way, the possibility of two or more co-owners wanting the same yacht at the same time will be drastically reduced.

Moreover, you will have the option of using different yachts offered by the agency without added costs. So if you plan a holiday in a different region, relocate for a while or just want to experience a different yacht, there will always be one for you.


Fractional yacht ownership schemes come in various types, but in most cases, you can decide whether to have a permanent crew and at least one Captain on board at all times, or a changing crew and Captain as per demand. Basically, you can run your yacht the same way you would if you owned it completely but for a much lower price.

Of course, not all fractional yacht ownership agencies are created equal, so you also have to factor in the reputation of the one you’re planning to buy from. Customer service is extremely important in this type of business relationship, so choose an agency that’s known for reliability. You can research online to find out about other people’s experiences with certain agencies, but do make sure to check your sources.

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