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Tips to Buy an Appropriate Surfboard Sock

Surfboard socks protect your surfing board from damage by the sun, dust and so on. They have arms to enable you to put the surfboard on your back if you need to travel with them remove with them from one place to another before and after surfing. The following are guidelines on how to choose a perfect surfboard bag.

Choose the type of surfboard bag you prefer depending on your style and preference because there are many designs in the market. You can choose a surfboard bag with a color that appeals to you. Dull-colored bags are suitable for those who are carefree, but those who are very clean about the cleanliness of their surfboard bags should choose those with bright colors.

Find a surfboard bag that matches the shape of your surfboard. If your surfboard is less than 19 inches wide, it will perfectly fit in short and broad surfboard socks or a hybrid surfboard bag. Wider surfboards that have wider noses and tails need the surfboard bags that take the shape of the fish. Longboard socks are designed for a long surfboard that has fins. There are various designs of Stand Up Paddles bags for a variety of designs of Stand Up Paddles surfboards.

Focus on the thickness of the surfboard bag. Select surfboard socks that have the right thickness. A heavy surfboard bag is suitable for carrying more than one surfboard. If you need to use the surfboard bag daily, choose the one that is light in weight so that you do not put too much pressure on your shoulders or back. If you’re traveling with your surfboard by air, choose a surfboard, but that will not weigh more than 7kgs because there is a limit of the weight of sports gear and surfboards that you can be allowed to bring with you to the airplane.

Choose the soft board that has enough capacity to carry the number of surfboards you need. You may want to bring a few surfboards for your children when you take them out on during vacation. Instead of carrying the surfboards in different bags, you can reduce the luggage packing them in one surfboard socks. They are double and triple surfboard socks that carry two and three surfboards, respectively.

Determine the durability of the material of the surfboard socks. Choose a surfboard bag whose material will last for a longer time. The material should be waterproof to prevent infiltration of water when you’re caught in the rain or when water spills on the bag by accident. The damp surfboard will start smelling with time because moisture, air, and warmth inside the surfboard bag promote the growth of mildew and mold. The material the surfboard bag should also be easy to clean and fast to dry.

Compare the prices of different vendors of surfboard socks to get an affordable price. Ensure that the quality of the material and the features of the surfboard socks match the prices. Get references from your family and friends to vendors who sell high-quality surfboard socks. Browse online to check the online reviews on the website on different sellers and buy from the one that has more positive reviews than the negatives.

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