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The Benefits From The Internet Infrastructure Coalition

The diverse community that is building the physical internet is brought together by the Internet Infrastructure Coalition. Even if the internet infrastructure industry is known to be dominated by large internet companies and telecommunications companies, it is the small to medium businesses who are building and providing most of the internet around the world. These companies are the ones that provide the foundations that will help build the whole digital economy. These are diverse companies that are providing what a lot of groups need which are relying more on the growth of the economy and innovation. This is the internet in its more basic and pure form.

The revelations centered around PRISM requires each company in the industry to start examining their privacy policies. Companies need to make sure that they will uphold the privacy promises they give to their customers. Privacy is always demanded by customers so companies in the industry today are making sure that they will handle their privacy guarantees the right way.

There are about 35,000 businesses in the industry of internet infrastructure, mostly small businesses, that are earning billions each year and is growing rapidly. The effects of the online businesses around the world that is powered by the industry of internet infrastructure is larger compared to the direct impact of this industry in the economy. The importance of the industry as an engine for economic growth needs the acknowledgement of bigger multiplier effects because the whole digital economy rely on the industry of internet infrastructure.

The way that it is shown today, each new opportunity for the growth of the economy might have a large component online. It is like watching a canary in a coal mine if you will view the industry of internet infrastructure today. If the industry of internet infrastructure is healthy and thriving so the rest of the digital economy as well as the overall economy will most likely be on the path of growth also.

The coalition of internet infrastructure is really doing a great job in protecting the interests and representing each internet business, whether big or small, all over the world. So if you have some expertise and ideas that you think might contribute in the growth of both the digital economy and general economy, then you should consider joining the internet infrastructure coalition. Your business will not only be successful, but you can also keep a high revenue for your business each year. So you should not waste your time now, you should join the internet infrastructure coalition today. The internet infrastructure coalition will really contribute a lot to the growth and success of the digital economy. If you want to know more about the benefits that you will get if you join the internet infrastructure coalition, you should click here now.

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