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Inpatient and Outpatient Addiction Treatment: A Comparison

An addict is better off at a rehab for their treatment. In such a case, they have a choice between inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. Both options are designed to aid in the long term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, only that they have several key differences. When you need to choose the right treatment for your needs, you should take time to find out what they entail, and where you can receive such treatment.

Inpatient addiction treatment programs are designed to host the addict in a rehab facility for the duration of the treatment. Outpatient addiction treatment, on the other hand, needs the addict to show up as per a specified schedule for the period stated daily. Each approach has its place in the addiction treatment journey.

Inpatient treatments usually take between a month to three, depending on the condition of the patient. There will be added on some aftercare treatment and sober living programs. There is the stay at the rehab center for that duration, as you receive round the clock monitoring. There are staff members and amenities to aid you in the process. You will be confined to the center for that duration, with no chance to leave. It has been found to have a higher success rate as compared with other approaches. You, however, find that it is the most expensive approach. You will especially appreciate their detox program, with medical staff always on standby. Your normal life stops when you go into an inpatient rehab program. You can thus rest assured of greater success from this approach.

There are several sections in the outpatient treatment. When you look at your specific condition, you get to opt for intensive outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, or counseling and support groups. You have the freedom to choose a schedule that works with your normal daily activities such as work. You get to sleep at home at night and attend your rehab meetings, and other activates some time in the day. There is also the option of working for the day, and going for rehab in the evening. If your addiction is not so serious, you can go for outpatient treatment. Its success rate is not as high as that of inpatient treatment. They also as for less than what the other companies ask for. The program is set to take much longer than an inpatient one, seeing as it uses only a small section of your day.

When you look at these two options, choosing among them should be done under the advice of a professional counselor. They will look at you or your loved one keenly and advise you where you will benefit the most. Once you identify the best option for you, you can be certain the addition will no longer be a problem.

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