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A Study Guide for FRM (Financial Risk Manager)

If you are someone who wishes to take the exam for becoming a financial risk manager, there are things that you have to prepare for. It is not always easy to take exams and there are a lot of people who get really stressed out when they are approaching their exam day. You will want to prepare for the big exam day and you will want to be ready to answer the right questions that you are asked. If you would really like to pass the FRM exam, you might want to read a good guide on the examination course that you will be taking. What you are going to learn in this article is a guide on how those FRM exams are going to work and what they are like.

Going in to those FRM exanimation courses can be pretty scary but if you know how they work, you will be less stressed. Usually, your FRM exam will be two parts so be prepared for that. In your first part of the FRM examination, you are going to have to answer 100 questions that are equally weighted. Make sure that you do not rush answering the multi-choice questions or you can get wrong. Always be prepared to answer each question because if you do not, you might get it wrong. You might be unsure about many questions and if you are, you can do them later and answer the questions that you know about first. Once you are through the first part of your exam, you can then go to the second part which is 80 questions. Make sure that you answer with care as well.

Once you sit down to take the first part of your FRM exam, your 4-hour time cap will start. You should remember the FRM books that you have read and studied as the first part of the exam touches mainly on those things. You will also get questions on quantitative analysis and math formulas. You will also get questions on the general knowledge of financial markets and things like that so prepare to answer those questions that are asked about them. If you are finished with the first part of the exam, you can then go to the second part which has questions that focus on how to apply the things that you have learned. Since you will also be given 4 hours to complete those last 80 questions, you should get on with it right away. If you get 40{a6cff26080dcecc3ce417da80d3a25161527f08f96378c147c09af413ff5244c}-50{a6cff26080dcecc3ce417da80d3a25161527f08f96378c147c09af413ff5244c} of your exam, you have passed the financial risk management exanimation course.

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