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The Best Types of Screwdrivers to Use at Home for Repairs

For the best results when it comes to home improvements and home repairs is necessary for you to use specific types of screwdrivers. Regardless of whether you knew to repairs or you are a seasoned DIYer, chances are that you’re not aware of the many types of screwdrivers that are used in home improvements. The two main types of screwdrivers according to most people out there are those with a minus shaped head and those with a plus signed head. The truth when it comes to types of screwdrivers is that there are many varieties out there but only five are important. Outlined in the sections below are some of the main types of screwdrivers.

One of the screwdrivers that should never miss in your toolbox is the Phillips screwdriver. Having been invented in the 19th century, this screwdriver has received wide applications in mechanics and other fields ever since. The head of the Phillips screwdriver fits the plus-sign-shaped screws that can be found in almost all of the furniture and appliances in your home.

In this section are going to discuss the slotted are a flat screwdriver. The slotted screws are more likely to be found in older furniture and appliances since they are no longer being used in the manufacture of new products. The reason as to why this type of screwdrivers has been included in this list is because of the probability of you owning older models of equipment.

Another type of screwdrivers that you should learn about is the Square Recess or the Robertson. It is highly advisable of you to own this kind of screwdrivers. This screwdriver is used to operate on screws that are shaped like a square. These screws are usually used in making furniture that is required to be durable since they themselves are quite durable in nature. Find out more about this topic here.

When working on repairs in your home probably come across the next type of screwdriver you’re going to talk about which is called the Torx or Star Tips. The field of repairs where these screwdrivers excel is when working on cars and electronics. The initial use of this screwdrivers was in security applications but they have recently found use in commercial purposes. These screwdrivers fit into screws that have six point tips which give them a star-shaped appearance.

Another model of screwdrivers that you have probably not heard of before is the Hex screwdriver whose application is mostly in furniture. Instead of being used to loosen or tighten screws, these screwdrivers are mainly used to work on bolts. For more information on this topic, click on this link.