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Information about the Goldendoodle Puppy Dog Breed

If you are interested in one of a wonderful dog breed, you will be short of alternatives to the Goldendoodle puppy. It is one of the finest there is. It is named after a derivative of the original breeds that mated to form it, namely the Golden retriever and the Poodle. The Goldendoodle is, therefore, a hybrid dog breed. It has in rent times become a popular choice for most people looking to add a pet to their family.

It is important to know more about this dog breed before buying one.

The Goldendoodle is friendly in nature and makes for a pleasant dog companion. They easily make friends with their owners and are especially gentle with the kids, which is an important safety concern. Such behavior makes them ideal for families since they fit right into the scene and cause no unpleasantness or trouble. They also extend their affection to friends and neighbors, which makes them a good company when you are entertaining guests.

They also come with high intelligent levels, considering their parents. You can be certain that training them will be easy, and your instructions will be obeyed each time. The dog does not need much exercise but will happily go about playing. They exhibit such joy as a dog breed.

Their playful nature and exhibition of enthusiasm make them less ideal for apartment settings. If you reside in an apartment, you may have to reconsider your decision to buy one. They will cause you trouble with your neighbors with their play and noise. They will also cause you plenty of trouble in the house. But if you have space in your residence, you will find that they are ideal, especially if you are a first-time pet owner. They will not need too much emphasis on their training, and they will adapt well to the environment you provide.

If you make errors in judgment as you raise them, they will not be overly affected. They are independent dogs that will not become anxious under such circumstances. You can rest assured they will not engage in destructive behavior such s barking, chewing through furniture, whining, or causing trouble due to frustrations and confusion. Some people even go out to social meetings and to work with them, since they are friendly and can be left alone by themselves.

They prefer mild and balanced weather, as they do not do well in extreme weather conditions. It is good news also to know that they do not shed much. Their maintenance needs are, therefore, few, as they will not negatively affect the environment too much.

Goldendoodle puppies can live up to 15 years, with most of them comfortably reaching ten years. The breed is commonly relied upon as a working dog, guide dog, therapy dog, service dog, and some of them being sniffer dogs. They, however, do not make great guard dogs or perform watchdog duty. Their agility makes them quite useful to the pet owner. You will not need a kernel to keep them since their nature encourages them to thrive in social settings, much less like guard dogs that need such isolation.

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