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Reasons to Use an EMP Protection Bag

Here are some reasons why you need an EMP protection bag.

We can experience an EMP anytime and anywhere,

EMP or electromagnetic pulse is a powerful burst of energy. The power grid can be devastated by naturally or artificially occurring EMP. Civilization will stop working if an powerful EMP affects most of the world’s power grid.

There are three ways by which this can happen. A solar flare, a nuclear explosion, or a specially made EMP bomb can make this happen. An EMP can make two different pulses, although different but with the same bad effects. Wiring in computer systems can be destroyed with a high-frequency pulse while infrastructure wiring can be damaged by low-frequency pulse.

Covering your electronics in an EMP bag is the best way to protect them from the effects of EMP. The EMP bags work to protect our electronics because of the so-called Faraday effect The contents of the EMP bag will be safe from the effects of an EMP blast if the bag is laced with silver or stainless steel threads.

Even solar panels are vulnerable to the effect of an EMP unless you protect them. You should even protect your solar panel since without proper protection they will be useless.

If you buy EMP bags from a supplier who can tell you exactly what it can protect your gear from, then all of us can be better served buying an EMP bag.

People get worried more about their cellphones of the internet when the lights are off. However, it should be that in the wake of an EMP, your survival should be the priority and whatever wil make it easier for you to accomplish it.

This does not mean to say that minor electronics are not to be given any importance at all. Make sure to protect practical technology over useless gadgets.

Hardware protection is important during an EMP or else it will be a useless thing.

If you protect your generator with an EMP bag, then it will still be useful to you during the emergency. but an EMP bag for your equipment; it is very much affordable than your equipment. If you don’t protect your equipment from EMP then you will suffer the consequences.

An EMP bag is not just a simple mylar sack to put your electronics in. Wrapping items simply in plastic bags or aluminum foil will not protect your gadgets. if you use EMP bags, then their tensile strength is more than any homemade protection.

Ensure that you have a quality EMP bag by conducting the radio and cellphone test. Put your radio or cellphone on an EMP bag and if you can hear activity from the device, then this is not a true EMP bag so you should return it and seek a refund.

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